Data Centre

Our infrastructure is managed by the Primus Data Centre in Melbourne. This DC is acknowledged in the industry as one of the Southern Hemisphere’s most advanced web hosting facilities.

As a Local & International Tier-1 Provider with a global network of Data Centres, Primus has leveraged its vast experience in providing this facility which boasts leading edge technology and reliability, backed by a current market - upper end: 99.9% Internet Connectivity Availability - Service Level Agreement (SLA). High Compliance to Best Practices, Attention to Detail & Enhanced Scalability (incl):
  • Hot aisle / Cold aisle - Rack configuration Plus Perforated Rack: front and back doors, used throughout for optimized cooling and air flow.
  • Deeper depth: 1,000mm (locally manufactured, highly regarded) Hallam Racks. Again extra space available not only allows for greater range (eg. longer depth) of diverse equipment but also aids in air flow and cooling, as rack enclosure is more spacious – hence, enhancing air flow.
  • Enhanced Security:
    • Fully compliant with Australian Communications Security Instructions 33 (ACSI33).
    • Five physical security layers implemented.
    • Each rack compartment is key locked (incl. sub full-rack eg. ¼ and ½ etc).
  • Enhanced Redundancy (with provision of):
    • 2 x 100Mbps Internet Ports per rack.
    • 2 x Diverse Power Outlets per rack.
    • True Multi-Homed Internet: connectivity to 2x (tier-1 ISP) fibre links & Primus Satellite link.
    • UPS power supplied throughout, supported by 800KVA generator.
    • Dual redundant air conditioning.
  • 100Mbps bandwidth switch Ports (fully scalable to 1Gbps fibre).
  • True 24x7x365 (Data Centre – backed) Free Remote Hands - for system restarts and power ups/downs.